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Songs About Walking: SA No. 19

Here are a couple of songs about one of our favourite things to do-especially when it’s warm and sunny and you have to trudge up a massive hill or force yourself into a freezing pool of mountain run-off water at the end of it! Dave and I did a lot of walking while we were away these past two weeks, so it seemed the natural choice of subject. As always, we’re also on the lookout for new and challenging topics, and we’d love it if you let us know what you think. Have you ever written a song about walking? http://songassignment.wordpress.com/

New Songs: Old Boats

This week we wrote our songs about boats-have a listen and tell us what you think. And see if you can spot Vlad Lad’s new toy!

Sweets for My Sweet

This week we’ve written about candy-so you can get over your Easter chocolate hangover to the sweeeeet sounds of our favourite edible delights. Many thanks to special guest Little Pebble who came up with the idea and has joined in for this one: http://songassignment.wordpress.com/

SA No. 11-Cover the Song That Was No. 1 on the Day You Were Born

This was a very difficult one for me, as I felt I couldn’t possibly do justice to Spandau Ballet’s original “True”. I did my best and tried to stay with the 80s synth vibe, but discovered there’s no way I can sing like Tony Hadley. If you follow the link, you can listen to my effort and also DM’s “Bright Eyes” by Art Garfunkel. Who knew that we were born with such classics playing in the background?



Today I spent the morning mixing and polishing up four songs with Dave Millar, who has been instrumental in helping me to record a new demo/EP. I listened to them in the car on the way home below the rumble of the motorway, and I’m really looking forward to putting them up. They’re not quite finished yet, but I hope that they’ll be ready in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I will leave you with a couple of photos of my “vocal booth”, built from half a gazebo and some duvets, as well as an upright bed. It may not be Abbey Road, but it works.

Recording Piano

Over the past few weeks, Dave Millar and I have been working on recording four of my songs to make an ep that will hopefully be ready very soon. It’s been lot of fun and we can’t wait to get them finished! I posted some pictures up of Tommy Field doing some drumming a week or so ago so I thought I’d post up some more photos of how we’ve been getting on lately…

Here’s me looking like a rabbit in the headlights at the piano-this often happens when a camera is pointed at me, even when Dave is behind it:

This was about a week ago, when Dave’s family were kind enough to let us take over their living room for a couple of days. Mabel the cat has also been involved, and even accidentally got herself recorded when she couldn’t find her way out of the room and yowled at the end of a take. We’re still deciding if we should keep that on the track…

Finally, I couldn’t let Dave get away with not having his photo on this blog, so here he is posing at the piano

More coming soon!