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Songs About Walking: SA No. 19

Here are a couple of songs about one of our favourite things to do-especially when it’s warm and sunny and you have to trudge up a massive hill or force yourself into a freezing pool of mountain run-off water at the end of it! Dave and I did a lot of walking while we were away these past two weeks, so it seemed the natural choice of subject. As always, we’re also on the lookout for new and challenging topics, and we’d love it if you let us know what you think. Have you ever written a song about walking? http://songassignment.wordpress.com/

Song Assignment No. 5: Pick a newspaper article at random, write a song

This week we all chose an article at random and wrote a song based on that. I landed on what seemed like the most depressing and colourless story in the whole paper, but which actually turned out to hold some poetic gems. I used these without hesitation and combined them with a simple bassline to produce…quite a depressing song actually, but what else did I expect? As always, you can listen and cast your vote here:

You can also read the original article by Maria Margaronis here: