Recording Piano

Over the past few weeks, Dave Millar and I have been working on recording four of my songs to make an ep that will hopefully be ready very soon. It’s been lot of fun and we can’t wait to get them finished! I posted some pictures up of Tommy Field doing some drumming a week or so ago so I thought I’d post up some more photos of how we’ve been getting on lately…

Here’s me looking like a rabbit in the headlights at the piano-this often happens when a camera is pointed at me, even when Dave is behind it:

This was about a week ago, when Dave’s family were kind enough to let us take over their living room for a couple of days. Mabel the cat has also been involved, and even accidentally got herself recorded when she couldn’t find her way out of the room and yowled at the end of a take. We’re still deciding if we should keep that on the track…

Finally, I couldn’t let Dave get away with not having his photo on this blog, so here he is posing at the piano

More coming soon!

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