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SA No. 11-Cover the Song That Was No. 1 on the Day You Were Born

This was a very difficult one for me, as I felt I couldn’t possibly do justice to Spandau Ballet’s original “True”. I did my best and tried to stay with the 80s synth vibe, but discovered there’s no way I can sing like Tony Hadley. If you follow the link, you can listen to my effort and also DM’s “Bright Eyes” by Art Garfunkel. Who knew that we were born with such classics playing in the background?


Song Assignment No. 7: A Song About Recycled Music and/or Sounds

Hello there, another Song Assignment is up, this time involving recycled music and/or sounds. Mine is a Nina Simone cover so I guess Dave should get extra points for his original composition. However you vote, we don’t mind! http://songassignment.wordpress.com/